Always Available IT for Any Sized Business


Protect your business, simplify IT and get the most out of your IT investments with virtualization.

Get built-in business continuity with the industry’s leading virtualization platform, and manage your virtual and physical infrastructure with web-browser simplicity.



Protect Your Business


Business continuity is a top priority for SMEs, but traditional solutions are complex and expensive. Meanwhile, security is a growing challenge with new devices always entering the IT environment.

Our solutions can help protect your business with built-in high availability for all your applications. Automatically restart applications when server failures occur, or ensure no disruption at all with fault-tolerant protection. Multi-site failover is also available. All this is possible on the applications you already use.

To secure your IT environment, our solutions allow you to manage security in a single framework that is virtualization-aware and enables the secure delivery of data, apps, and desktop environments to end users on any device.


Simplify Your IT


Stay focused on running your business with IT that just works.

Our solutions can help simplify your IT with intuitive management so the technology stays out of the way. Centrally manage your IT infrastructure (virtual and physical) via your web browser. Ensure your most important apps perform at their best with just a few mouse clicks. And let your end users access the apps they already know, from the devices they love.

Lastly, get the flexibility to run your existing apps on premise or in the cloud.


Save Money


SMEs have limited resources, and always need to make do on tight budgets.

Virtualization lowers your infrastructure costs with the virtualization platform to get the most out of your hardware. To help save on application costs, we provides cost-effective and feature-rich email collaboration solutions. You can integrate our virtualization platform with existing collaboration investments and end users can continue to use the email clients they love.

Solution Options


Desktop Virtualization


From hosted virtual desktops solutions to running multiple environments on PC or Macs, our virtualization platform is the gold standard for end-user computing virtualization. With virtualization, you have the option to modernize your desktops into untethered workspaces available from anywhere, at any time, or simply run multiple operating systems on your PC or Mac.


The centralized desktop virtualization solution delivers rich virtual desktops to end users with a single view of all their applications and data in a familiar, personalized environment. End users get flexibility, while you minimize costs for desktop and application management.


Virtualization and Management Solutions


Business Continuity

Our solutions simplify business continuity by delivering a flexible IT environment and automating backup, failure detection, and recovery, for your server and desktop workloads.


Business continuity begins with the industry’s most robust virtualization platform. Give all your applications high availability protection, so apps automatically come back in just a few minutes when server failures occur. Run your most important applications with fault tolerance protection to get continuous availability even through sever failures. If your business has multiple sites, our solutions can help you to automate disaster recovery planning and execution.


Our solutions deliver “better-than-physical security” with virtualization-aware security that stays with your virtual machines no matter where they are running. Manage your security in a single comprehensive framework at all levels – host, network, application, data, and endpoints, all in a single pane of glass. Our virtualization security solutions can also work seamlessly with your existing security solutions.


Server Consolidation
Deploying new applications while dealing with platform dependencies can lead to server sprawl and quickly drive up costs. Our virtualization solutions can give you control and flexibility with the highest consolidation ratios in the industry. This means you can better utilize your hardware and run more applications while ensuring performance levels. The result is less servers to manage, and increased flexibility to provision new apps without buying a new server every time.


Automation and Performance
Running IT environments can be tedious with numerous manual tasks to set up new applications and constant monitoring of your apps to make sure they’re performing. Our solutions address both these challenges. Accelerate provisioning time by up to 70% with reusable images all done from a single pane of glass. And ensure service levels for your most critical applications with policy-based compute, network, and storage resource prioritization.


Simplified IT Management
Reduce your time-to-value from months to minutes. You can manage both physical and virtual machines, deploy software, discover assets, simplify configuration, control power usage remotely and ensure endpoint security

Cost Savings


In this tough economic environment, with declining budgets, IT is expected to do more with less. With cost, resource, and time pressures, how do you ensure continued innovation, while meeting your service level agreements (SLAs)? Take control of your IT and datacenter by building a virtualized infrastructure. With VMware virtualization, you can see immediate, quantifiable cost savings, while ensuring true business agility – the ability to rapidly respond to the changing market environment. In this economy, the question is not whether you can afford to virtualize with VMware, but rather “How can you afford not to?”

  • Reduce CapEx through consolidation
  • Improve OpEx through automation
  • Minimize lost revenue due to downtime


SMEs have limited resources, and always need to make do on tight budgets.

We can help to lower your infrastructure costs with the industry’s leading virtualization platform to get the most out of your hardware.


Reduce CapEx Costs with Server and Desktop Consolidation


Don’t let server sprawl and platform dependencies prevent your organization from achieving its goals. Virtualization solutions reduce your physical infrastructure footprint by consolidating excess server and desktop hardware.

  • Increase utilization rates from 5-15% to up to 80%
  • Defer datacenter construction costs by RM3,000.00/ sq ft *
  • Attain 50-70% higher VM density per host than is possible with commodity offerings
  • Achieve 20-30% lower cost-per-application


Reduce OpEx Costs with Better Management and Automation


Shift your energy from routine tasks to strategic projects and adding value to the business. We focus management on what matters most – entire IT services and their service levels – by taking the complexity out of infrastructure management, service delivery and application management.


Minimize Potential Lost Revenue from Business Downtime


Any unplanned downtime adversely affects your bottom line and your corporate perception, business relationships, and future viability.

  • Eliminate business loss due to datacenter outage
  • Save time by automating testing and quick / reliable restore