At BitCARE ,we work diligently around the clock 8/7 to help our clients succeed .Our virtual call centre service include :

  • First level troubleshooting for both software and hardware issues.
  • Customer satisfactory reporting

Our call centre division focused on providing best in class services to clients.
With our specialized call centre system, BitCARE is able to become a powerful tool for customer relationship management that you can integrate into your business.This level of integration can provide you with real time data to increase your business efficiency while reducing your total cost.
No matter how many calls per days, BitCARE will serves you with our best effort in providing quality solutions.
We would be honoured to be part of your success story – solving your IT issues.



To be the first and the most compelling choice for companies seeking a contact centre solutions. We aim to become one of the best contact centre service providers that offers customized services to both Malaysian and international markets.



To deliver outstanding customer interactions on behalf of our clients, in the most efficient and effective methods.



The Bitara Service Desk acts as the single point of contact between end-user and Bitara where the main objectives are :

  1. To minimize the adverse impact on business operations by restoring the service operation within a short time.
  2. To evolve in our service quality by accepting critical feedbacks from our customers.